Dalits Untouchable

A trailer for a documentary by Nathan Brake, looking into India's Caste System and the effect it has on the people who are deemed 'untouchable'.


This is a trailer for a short documentary film by Nathan Brake about the harmful realities of prostitution in Dundee.  It features the lived experiences of women involved in prostitution as well as the experience of Vice Versa in delivering support services to these vulnerable women.


HSRA is dedicated to providing all young people a chance to realize their full potential, despite any previous setbacks. Engaging students through music and the exploration and operation of the music business, HSRA demonstrate that core learning areas and real world, 21st century skills can be acquired at the same time. More than just earning a high school diploma, HSRA prepares students for a positive post-secondary education and life.

Moments In Lives

Insights, founded in Dundee Scotland by father and son Andi and Andy Lothian over 25 years ago, and it has been quite the journey!

This documentary by Nathan Brake shows the moments that Insights has played in the lives of so many people around the world.

Charming Snakes

Whilst in India, Scottish photographer Ross McLean was held captive by an outcast community of snake charmers for 22 days.  The Sapera Caste.  He lost over 12kg (2 stone) of bodyweight during this time, but eventually escaped with the 20 rolls of film that documented this intense time.

YuHu: The Life And Times

A documentary exploring how people survive in the rural regions of China.

A Film by Nathan Brake

Opal Fruit

Opal Fruit: A Year in Care

Opal: a gemstone, distinctlyindividual, and displays rainbow-like hues that change with the angle ofobservation, always new and always different.

Fruit: the containers in which plants put their seeds; the product orconsequence of something done; offspring.

Many young people from a care background face a bleak future. Who will speakup for them? Who will be their friend, their father, their mother? OpalFruit describes a year in the life of eight young people looked after by Dundee City Council. It explores their fears and struggles, their aspirations and triumphs, and gives insight to their needs, the support they get, and how they think and plan for the future. Opal Fruit is a hope filled story of how precious stones can be found in the most trying of circumstances.

Presented by Pure Media UK in partnership with Integrated Children'sServices

A Film by Nathan Brake